Saturday, August 4, 2012

Weis on the Bubble

What does Mike Stoops (Arizona), Kirk Ferentz (Iowa), Steve Kragthorpe (Louisville), Randy Shannon (Miami), Joe Paterno (Penn State), Dave Wannstedt (Pittsburgh), and Charlie Weis have in common? They are all on the bubble of the Hot Seat, according to's yearly list. After a 3-9 season, would you have expected anything less?

Dennis Dodd listed 16 coaches on the Bubble with a 3-3.5 rating. Below is the list of coahces that fell into that [Bubble] category:

Jeff Genyk (3): Eastern Michigan 13-33 (5th year)
Rob Akey (3): Idaho 1-11 (2nd year)
Kirk Ferentz (3): Iowa 61-49 (10th year)
Ron Prince (3.5): Kansas State 12-13 (3rd year)
Doug Martin (3): Kent State 15-31 (5th year)
Ricky Bustle (3): Louisiana-Lafayette 26-44 (7th year)
Steve Kragthrope (3.5): Louisville 6-6 (2nd year)
Randy Shannon (3): Miami, FL 5-7 (2nd year)
CHARLE WEIS (3): NOTRE DAME 22-15 (4th year)
Joe Paterno (3.5): Penn State 372-125-3 (43rd year)
Dave Wannstedt (3): Pittsburgh 16-19 (4th year)
Chuck Long (3.5): San Diego State 7-17 (3rd year)
Tom Amstutz (3): Toledo 55-32 (8th year)
Neil Callaway (3): UAB 2-10 (2nd year)
Bobby Johnson (3): Vanderbilt 20-50 (7th year)
Joe Glenn (3): Wyoming 26-33 (6th year)

There are four coaches that are in the 4-4.5 range known as the Warm Seat; basically felling the pressure. Of those unlucky four, two of them will be on the Fighting Irish schedule this season: Syracuse and Washington. Also Greg Robinson and Ty Willingham have the highest scores.

Mike Stoops (4): Arizona 17-29 (5th year)
Mike Sanford (4): UNLV 6-29 (4th year)
Brent Guy (4): Utah State 6-29 (4th year)
Greg Robinson (4.5): Syracuse 7-28 (4th year)
Ty Willingham (4.95): Washington 11-25 (4th year)

Was I surprised to see Coach Weis on the bubble, no. Was I shocked to see others on this list, absolutely. First, Joe Pa will leave when he is damn ready to leave. No way will Penn State ask the man who put Happy Valley on the map to step down or be fired. Kirk Ferentz's name did surprise me a little bit, but he did have some trouble last season at Iowa. As for Robinson and Willingham, it's only a matter of time, and that time will be at the end of the season!

With the way things are going in recruiting and getting his players up to snuff and ready for action, Weis will be here to stay in South Bend of awhile!

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