Saturday, August 4, 2012

Can't Get Enough of the Good Ole' Pigskin?

In case anyone has missed it, a new football league has been established. To get the old college feel in the professional ranks, the All American Football League has positioned itself in familiar areas like Florida, Michigan, Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama, and Texas. Some of the League‘s teams will be hosted by universities with Division I-A football programs and other teams will play in independent venues.

Here's the best part for us Irish fans, any university with a Division IA football program will be eligible to apply to host a League team. I know that it is highly unlikely for South Bend to get a team, but wouldn't it be great to see more Irish players extending their playing careers on the Notre Dame Stadium turf? I guess one can dream, can't he?

League teams will employ only those players who have both completed their college football eligibility and earned a four-year degree. This policy is expected to have a very positive impact on universities' NCAA Graduation Success Rate and their Academic Progress Rate. To the extent practical, graduates of host universities will play for the team hosted by their alma mater.

Team colors for each team will be represented by the familiar colors of Orange and Blue (Team Florida), Maize and Blue (Team Michigan), Crimson and White (Alabama), Red and White (Arkansas), Orange and White (Tennessee), and Burnt Orange and White (Texas).

During its inaugural draft on Saturday, several former Irish were drafted. The Michigan Team, excuse me for a second while I puke, selected defensive players Quentin Burrell, Ron Isreal, and Travis Leitko. Both Team Florida and Team Texas have Dwight Ellick on their roster. Once that gets cleared up, Mr. Ellick will be playing in a warm state, that's for sure.

Since NFL Europe kicked the bucket last year, the All American Football League looks to incorporate what seems to be a good idea. Whether it lasts a year or two, is anyone's guess. But here's to extending the football season a little bit longer!

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