Sunday, April 1, 2012

Child Actors Gone Bad: Steve Urkel

In yet another sad story of a former child actor turned bad, this saga takes the cake! Steve Urkel of ABC's Family Matters, the second-longest running U.S. comedy with a predominantly African-American cast, was mainly the focus of the show. After their series finale on July 17, 1998, Steve Urkel went down a spiraling path that he has yet to recover from.

For the past several years, Urkel has been seen on ESPN's College GameDay and other college football telecasts under the alias Mark May. Mr. May has the penchant of giving asinine predictions and showing his hatred towards the University of Notre Dame and their former coach Lou Holtz.

One has to wonder, what happened to Steve Urkel for him to snap? Was it a bad childhood? Or was it that he got wait-listed or rejected by Notre Dame? Or maybe was it that his long time childhood friend, Tyberius Willingham, got fired as the Fighting Irish football coach? Whatever the case may be, Steve Urkel has turned into this uncontrollable blob of nothing that will go out of his way to hate on the Irish!

When will the madness end? Below is a little clip of Mark May, err, I mean Steve Urkel in his hay day on Family Matters.