Monday, December 10, 2012

Weis' Future Being More Clear: The Wheels are in Motion

The Charlie Weis clock is now ticking to its preverbial ending. It all started on Saturday night after the Irish lost to Pittsburgh 27-22 and it's long flight back to South Bend. Sunday morning Weis was called in to Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick's office at 9:30 am, where he was told something. Whether he is staying or going, has not been made publicly, but the final nail seems to have been nailed shut.

Here are a few tidbits which should uncloud the Irish Nation's mind about the future of Coach Weis:

~ Weis calls off his Sunday media press conference. This is the first time in five years he has called off a press conference.

~ The media try to contact both Swarbrick and ND President Fr. Jenkins for comment on Weis future, but are not able to be reached, due to both being away from campus.

~ 12:00 p.m. South Bend Private Flight carrying Swarbrick and Jenkins is headed South to Florida.

~ The same plane also has scheduled flights this week to Cincinnati and Oklahoma.

~ Bob Stoops of Oklahoma has been reported as being intersted in the Notre Dame job if it becomes available, according to Brian Hamilton of the Chicago Tribune.

According to one of the Board of Trustees and a source inside the Athletic Department has both confirmed that both Swarbrick and Jenkins have put a package together to lure Urban Meyer back to South Bend. Here are the main details that are on the table as of yesterday:

1.) A 10-year $50,000,000 base salary, which doesn't include endoresment and university incentivies.

2.) 3 "special" projects a year, which may include JUCO transfers.

3.) A contract with Nike (football only)

4.) Additional incentives:

(a) $550,000 for Top 10 Finish
(b) $750,000 for BCS Bowl appearence
(c) $1.2 million for BCS National Championship
(d) $400,000 for 90% or better graduation rate

The carpet is ready to roll out for Meyer for the taking, whether Swarbrick and Jenkins can get it done, will be the trick. If not, Brian Kelly, seems to be the next logical choice.

These next two weeks will be a roller coaster for media and Irish fans alike. But one thing is for sure, the Weis era clock is about to hit midnight!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

NCAA 09 Coming Soon

It's about that time again for the new NCAA 09 game to be released. Depending on which gaming unit you have, EA Sports has a different person on each game cover. For instance, if you have the PSP, West Virginia's Owen Schmidt is on the cover. Below is the rest of who is on which game cover:

PlayStation 3: Matt Ryan (Boston College)
Wii: Sparty (Michigan State mascot)
XBox 360: Darren McFadden (Arkansas)
PlayStation 2: DeSean Jackson (California)

Well with the creativity of photoshop, anyone can create their own custom cover like the Jimmy Clausen one above. Since I own an XBox 360, I did one for myself. If anyone is interested in getting their own custom cover made for NCAA 09, leave me a message.

Here's a photo of the game:

Monday, December 3, 2012

ESPN Conspiracy?

If anyone missed viewing's college football chat with columnist Bruce Feldman today, you better sit down. Like all chats, fans can ask questions to the ESPN assclown who is hosting that particular chat. Well today, Bruce got several questions regarding the Urban Meyer, Omar Hunter decommitment. Here's the direct script:

jim (santa cruz): any truth to the stories that urben myer told omar hunter to lie to ND about his picking them?

Bruce Feldman: (12:52 PM ET ) I seriously doubt that. If he did, I think Hunter would probably have not wanted to play for a guy so preoccupied to do something like that.

Brian (Newmarket, NH): Bruce, I have a good friend who is a ND fan. This is not the first time Myer has acted inappropriately while competing against ND. From all accounts he sounds like a scumbag in recruiting wars. Am I offbase with this?

Bruce Feldman: (12:59 PM ET ) I think almost all coaches will do some negative recruiting, regardless of what they say they do or dont do. ND fans hate Meyer because he took the UF job over ND and because he beat them on Justin Trattou and now on Omar Hunter. He's an aggressive recruiter no doubt, but he's got a big-time program he can sell.

Brian (Atlanta): Isn't ND always whining about someone recruiting unfairly against them? I seem to remember alot of moaning about Zook last year too.

Bruce Feldman: (12:59 PM ET ) Interesting point.

I'm not sure what type of man crush Bruce has on Urban, but the facts are facts. Urban is a liar and a cheat. Once ESPN can acknowledge it, the better college football will be.

After the chat, I wanted to get some more insight on Urban's recruiting prowess and how he lies, err, I mean, lures recruits to come to florida. For instance, I referred to Justin Trattou on how he was told that he would be a stand up, rush end. But instead was turned into a defensive tackle. So I emailed Mr. Feldman, and this is the response I got:

Mr. Weisgipper,

I don't know what Coach Meyer told Trattou, and I don't want to speculate either. What I do know is that Urban is one of the sexiest coaches in the SEC, if not all of college football. His master of persuasion is of jedi proportions. To get top notch recruits to play for him, and to get the media to turn its head on his lying and cheating, is truly magical.

As for the Hunter situation, they (Urban and Omar) are made for each other.

Thanks for the email.

Bruce Feldman, ESPN

I guess they were right that you can't teach a dog new tricks. In the form of ESPN, it's more of the same: Hate on Notre Dame!

Jackass of the Month

Once again it is time to reveal the Irish Band of Brothers' Jackass of the Month. After careful consideration, the IBB and fellow posters Face Mask and Sir John, dub Mark Allen as our Jackass of the Month.

Many can see Mark's dubious work trolling on several ND message boards as either MKAllen3, GrangerIrish, or many other bogus and pathetic names. Mr. Allen is trying to beat the world record of being banned from every single Fighting Irish message board. Some might ask, how can he do this at work? Good question, Mark was a so called "counselor" that went off the deep end when he stalked current head basketball coach Mike Brey. It got so out of hand that Allen was caught at the JACC sniffing the men's team’s jocks. Talk about a literal jock sniffer!

So with plenty of time on his hands and behind the keyboard, Mark is hard at work doing what he does best, being the fat piece of shit that he is! Mark Allen is such a fat ass; he couldn't laid with a fist full of fifties! Way to go Marky Mark, you're well on your way of making the record books. HEE-HAW, HEE-HAW!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

CONFIRMED: It Will be Stoops

According to multiple sources from within the Athletic Department and several football players, Oklahoma's Bob Stoops will be the next football coach at the University of Notre Dame. It could be released as soon as tomorrow that Stoops will be the next head coach. As for a press conference, that could be later due to the fact that his Grandmother just passed away.

Coach Weis is letting the team know at 3:00 pm Monday that he will not be their coach for next season. The Assistant Coaches found out about Charlie's fate earlier at 1:00. The team's vote on whether or not to play in a postseason bowl game has yet to be announced.

If they do decide to play in a bowl game (most likely the GMAC against a MAC school)the Irish will be coached by Associate Head Coach Corwin Brown.

More details on Stoops and anything football related will be posted once I hear something.

Here's more about the Weis firing: