Saturday, December 1, 2012

CONFIRMED: It Will be Stoops

According to multiple sources from within the Athletic Department and several football players, Oklahoma's Bob Stoops will be the next football coach at the University of Notre Dame. It could be released as soon as tomorrow that Stoops will be the next head coach. As for a press conference, that could be later due to the fact that his Grandmother just passed away.

Coach Weis is letting the team know at 3:00 pm Monday that he will not be their coach for next season. The Assistant Coaches found out about Charlie's fate earlier at 1:00. The team's vote on whether or not to play in a postseason bowl game has yet to be announced.

If they do decide to play in a bowl game (most likely the GMAC against a MAC school)the Irish will be coached by Associate Head Coach Corwin Brown.

More details on Stoops and anything football related will be posted once I hear something.

Here's more about the Weis firing:

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