Saturday, December 8, 2012

NCAA 09 Coming Soon

It's about that time again for the new NCAA 09 game to be released. Depending on which gaming unit you have, EA Sports has a different person on each game cover. For instance, if you have the PSP, West Virginia's Owen Schmidt is on the cover. Below is the rest of who is on which game cover:

PlayStation 3: Matt Ryan (Boston College)
Wii: Sparty (Michigan State mascot)
XBox 360: Darren McFadden (Arkansas)
PlayStation 2: DeSean Jackson (California)

Well with the creativity of photoshop, anyone can create their own custom cover like the Jimmy Clausen one above. Since I own an XBox 360, I did one for myself. If anyone is interested in getting their own custom cover made for NCAA 09, leave me a message.

Here's a photo of the game:

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