Monday, December 3, 2012

Jackass of the Month

Once again it is time to reveal the Irish Band of Brothers' Jackass of the Month. After careful consideration, the IBB and fellow posters Face Mask and Sir John, dub Mark Allen as our Jackass of the Month.

Many can see Mark's dubious work trolling on several ND message boards as either MKAllen3, GrangerIrish, or many other bogus and pathetic names. Mr. Allen is trying to beat the world record of being banned from every single Fighting Irish message board. Some might ask, how can he do this at work? Good question, Mark was a so called "counselor" that went off the deep end when he stalked current head basketball coach Mike Brey. It got so out of hand that Allen was caught at the JACC sniffing the men's team’s jocks. Talk about a literal jock sniffer!

So with plenty of time on his hands and behind the keyboard, Mark is hard at work doing what he does best, being the fat piece of shit that he is! Mark Allen is such a fat ass; he couldn't laid with a fist full of fifties! Way to go Marky Mark, you're well on your way of making the record books. HEE-HAW, HEE-HAW!

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