Friday, August 10, 2012

University of Michigan: The Leaders of Harsh Punishments for their Star Football Players!

Michigan Tuition: $0
New Lincoln Navigator: $ 48,745
Bag of Pot Smoked at UM: $60
Punishment: 1 game suspension (Eastern Michigan)
UM Administration and Athletic Department: PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!

Editor's Note: Click on the title to get the link of Manningham's story!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

For the Tarnished Heisman Doubters

Don Yeager is definitely not a liked man amongst the Irish faithful. I, for one, used his book as a leveler to even out my desk at home. That's how much I thought of his Under The Tarnished Dome. Now, Don is trying to re-invent himself with his soon-to-be released Tarnished Heisman.

I know there are skeptics out there that think, what is so different about this book, this time around? Well for starters, Don is not the only person who wrote and investigated for this book. Several people had a hand in it, and there is well documented PROOF. Yes, PROOF, that Don Yeager actually has a book that is not speculation or fabrication of the truth.

If you click on the title of this piece, you'll find documents that Yahoo! Sports attained during its investigation of Reggie Bush and his family for alleged improper benefits from New Era Sports & Entertainment, which was used as evidence for Yeager's book.

Way to go, DON! You might not be that big of a jackass, after all. Wait a minute, you're still half a jackass!


Big Ben a Closet Irish Fan?

From the archives, I found this picture of Pittsburgh Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger partying it up like it was 1999! Notice his shirt? Yeah, he's an Irish fan at heart.

Stayin' Alive

When it rains, it pours, and for junior Kyle McAlarney, it was a tsunami against the Orange en route to the Irish's 94-87 victory. McAlarney set a school record nine 3pt. field goals to keep the Irish on pace for the Big East regular season championship. At 21-5 overall and 11-3 in conference play, Notre Dame is in the drivers seat to be a major player next month in the Big East and NCAA Tournaments.

The Irish extended their Joyce Center winning streak to 36 games with the win. McAlarney's nine 3-pointers were one short of the BIG EAST record, as he finished with 30 points. Note Dame has reached the 90-point mark five times this season. ND currently sits in third place in the BIG EAST with an 11-3 record. Sophomore forward Luke Harangody registered his league-leading 15th double-double of the season with 14points and 14 rebounds.

As Thursday's showdown at Louisville looms large not only in the conference standings, a win will boost either teams possible seeding for the big dance. According to the Bracket Matrix (, both the Irish and Cardinals are #4 national seed. The other two #4 seeds have a state appeal with the Irish, as Kelvin Sampson-less Indiana and Purdue round out those respective slots. So if McAlarney can continue his torrid shooting, and Tory Jackson can continue his steady play, the Irish could be in great shape.

NCAA Tournament Seed Projections:

# 2 Seed: Georgetown (22-4, 12-3), 7 (RPI)
# 3 Seed: Connecticut (21-6, 10-4), 14 (RPI)
# 4 Seed: Notre Dame (21-5, 11-3), 20 (RPI)
Louisville (22-6, 12-3), 14 (RPI)
# 6 Seed: Marquette (20-6, 10-5), 17 (RPI)
# 7 Seed: Pittsburgh (19-8, 7-7), 26 (RPI)
# 10 Seed: West Virginia (19-8, 8-6), 35 (RPI)
# 12 Seed: Syracuse (17-11, 7-8), 48 (RPI)

Last Four Out: Villanova (17-9, 7-7), 50 (RPI)

These four remaining contests will test the mettle of the Irish, as Notre Dame cannot afford to take DePaul, St. John's, or South Florida lightly. A slight slip of going 2-2 or 1-3, in the remaining four contests will not only cost them a good seed, but a first round bye in the Big East Tournament. But with the heart and determination these Fighting Irish are displaying, Notre Dame is making believers out of the media with their goals of winning the Big East and making the Final Four!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hunter the Hunted (A Gator,err, I mean Wolf in Sheep's Clothing)

So I'm back from my Holiday excursion, Good Times, Good Times. Now back to business, which is Fighting Irish athletics, and more importantly, Notre Dame football. During this holiday season of cheerful bliss, the Irish verbal commitments held still at 22 until yesterday. Omar Hunter, quite possibly, the best defensive recruit of the bunch, decommitted and opened up his search to three schools: Florida, USC, and Auburn.

Here's the skinny from

Under Armour All-American Omar Hunter has dropped his pledge to the Fighting Irish and is now only considering Florida, USC, and Auburn.

He told Bob Redmond of ESPN affiliate Tuesday, "Just watching Notre Dame, their style, and how they played [were reasons for Hunter's decision]. It doesn't really fit the way I play. I am not sure about the coach staff there, I know they are good guys and I love them, but I am not comfortable with the decision I made. I am officially decommitting from Notre Dame."
Additionally, Hunter's high school coach, Jess Simpson, stated that his former defensive stud wished to play closer to home so that his parents can attend his games.

I understand the whole, I'm a 18 year old kid and can change my mind everytime the wind blows. Omar has to be comfortable with his decision, and I don't disagree with that aspect. HOWEVER, I do not like his response about ND's style of play and how it fits with his style. You mean to tell me he didn't know the Irish's defensive style of play in the 3-4? Wasn't it just two weeks ago, that Jess Simpson said Omar's indecisiveness didn't have to do with ND's record or style of play. He's been an Irish verbal commit since this past summer and he finally is realizing ND's style of play? Come on, Hunter is playing us for the fool. I'm not sure about the coaches? Once again, how long has Omar been a verbal commitment? HMMMMMMMM. Makes you wonder if the new swirling rumor of Hunter being a silent verbal to the Gators and that Urban Meyer told him to not let the cat out of the bag until later is true. If it is true, shame on Omar for not being truthful and fully grasping the concept of commitment. I guess only true Notre Dame men and women know that! Also it shows how much of a dirt bag Meyer and his minion, Greg Mattison, really are.

When Charlie went down last month to visit Omar on a whim, that should have been the telling sign that he wasn't going to be Irish. Fact is, that Hunter was being sneaky, got caught, and Charlie called him out on it. Weis pulled his offer last week, according to several sources from the Notre Dame football office. Even though he made several attempts to sway him to stick to his original verbal commitment, Weis made the right move. One guy isn't going to break, what is still considered the #1 recruiting class. Heck Brandon Newman is turning heads this week with his play at the All-Star practices. Hafis Williams and the play of Ian Williams this season, has made Omar's decommitment, not as devastating as some Irish fans make this out to be. Yes, it sucks, but do you really want someone that doesn't have morals and values of a Notre Dame man? I sure as heck don't!

Omar definitely isn't the only one to blame on this whole situation. Florida is just as bad by trying to be as sneaky. Urban must laugh when everyone does all the hard work of finding diamonds in the rough, like Hunter when only two schools at first (ND and Michigan) were on his radar. Meyer just sits back with his ears pinned and then cherry picks verbal commitments. More power to him that he can con kids into backing out of their original commitments. It builds a lot of character. YEAH!

Speaking of Florida. Isn't Karma a bitch? Before the opening kickoff of the Capital One Bowl, ABC showed footage of several Gator players stomping on the Michigan logo. Not that Michigan needed anymore M O for this game already since this was Lloyd Carr's last game as the Wolverine head coach, but damn, are Florida players that stupid? Or does Urban Meyer not care what his players do, except win football games? If it wasn't for Mike Hart bumbling and fumbling twice on the 1 yard line, Michigan could have won by several touchdowns.

Before watching this contest, I didn't want to see Michigan win, 'cause, quite frankly, I don't like the Maize and Blue. But after seeing that display of poor sportsmanship, I rooted for UM. I guess I sold myself to the devil for three and a half hours yesterday, and actually liked it.

So in the end, being true to your word is what is really key here. If Omar was truthful the whole time, I wouldn't of cared less if he decommitted. But being sneaky, getting caught in the act, and giving out bogus remarks about playing style and coaches, is complete and utter bullshit!

Paging Mike Martin, Mike Martin, the Irish are awaiting!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Can't Get Enough of the Good Ole' Pigskin?

In case anyone has missed it, a new football league has been established. To get the old college feel in the professional ranks, the All American Football League has positioned itself in familiar areas like Florida, Michigan, Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama, and Texas. Some of the League‘s teams will be hosted by universities with Division I-A football programs and other teams will play in independent venues.

Here's the best part for us Irish fans, any university with a Division IA football program will be eligible to apply to host a League team. I know that it is highly unlikely for South Bend to get a team, but wouldn't it be great to see more Irish players extending their playing careers on the Notre Dame Stadium turf? I guess one can dream, can't he?

League teams will employ only those players who have both completed their college football eligibility and earned a four-year degree. This policy is expected to have a very positive impact on universities' NCAA Graduation Success Rate and their Academic Progress Rate. To the extent practical, graduates of host universities will play for the team hosted by their alma mater.

Team colors for each team will be represented by the familiar colors of Orange and Blue (Team Florida), Maize and Blue (Team Michigan), Crimson and White (Alabama), Red and White (Arkansas), Orange and White (Tennessee), and Burnt Orange and White (Texas).

During its inaugural draft on Saturday, several former Irish were drafted. The Michigan Team, excuse me for a second while I puke, selected defensive players Quentin Burrell, Ron Isreal, and Travis Leitko. Both Team Florida and Team Texas have Dwight Ellick on their roster. Once that gets cleared up, Mr. Ellick will be playing in a warm state, that's for sure.

Since NFL Europe kicked the bucket last year, the All American Football League looks to incorporate what seems to be a good idea. Whether it lasts a year or two, is anyone's guess. But here's to extending the football season a little bit longer!

Weis on the Bubble

What does Mike Stoops (Arizona), Kirk Ferentz (Iowa), Steve Kragthorpe (Louisville), Randy Shannon (Miami), Joe Paterno (Penn State), Dave Wannstedt (Pittsburgh), and Charlie Weis have in common? They are all on the bubble of the Hot Seat, according to's yearly list. After a 3-9 season, would you have expected anything less?

Dennis Dodd listed 16 coaches on the Bubble with a 3-3.5 rating. Below is the list of coahces that fell into that [Bubble] category:

Jeff Genyk (3): Eastern Michigan 13-33 (5th year)
Rob Akey (3): Idaho 1-11 (2nd year)
Kirk Ferentz (3): Iowa 61-49 (10th year)
Ron Prince (3.5): Kansas State 12-13 (3rd year)
Doug Martin (3): Kent State 15-31 (5th year)
Ricky Bustle (3): Louisiana-Lafayette 26-44 (7th year)
Steve Kragthrope (3.5): Louisville 6-6 (2nd year)
Randy Shannon (3): Miami, FL 5-7 (2nd year)
CHARLE WEIS (3): NOTRE DAME 22-15 (4th year)
Joe Paterno (3.5): Penn State 372-125-3 (43rd year)
Dave Wannstedt (3): Pittsburgh 16-19 (4th year)
Chuck Long (3.5): San Diego State 7-17 (3rd year)
Tom Amstutz (3): Toledo 55-32 (8th year)
Neil Callaway (3): UAB 2-10 (2nd year)
Bobby Johnson (3): Vanderbilt 20-50 (7th year)
Joe Glenn (3): Wyoming 26-33 (6th year)

There are four coaches that are in the 4-4.5 range known as the Warm Seat; basically felling the pressure. Of those unlucky four, two of them will be on the Fighting Irish schedule this season: Syracuse and Washington. Also Greg Robinson and Ty Willingham have the highest scores.

Mike Stoops (4): Arizona 17-29 (5th year)
Mike Sanford (4): UNLV 6-29 (4th year)
Brent Guy (4): Utah State 6-29 (4th year)
Greg Robinson (4.5): Syracuse 7-28 (4th year)
Ty Willingham (4.95): Washington 11-25 (4th year)

Was I surprised to see Coach Weis on the bubble, no. Was I shocked to see others on this list, absolutely. First, Joe Pa will leave when he is damn ready to leave. No way will Penn State ask the man who put Happy Valley on the map to step down or be fired. Kirk Ferentz's name did surprise me a little bit, but he did have some trouble last season at Iowa. As for Robinson and Willingham, it's only a matter of time, and that time will be at the end of the season!

With the way things are going in recruiting and getting his players up to snuff and ready for action, Weis will be here to stay in South Bend of awhile!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Jackass of the Week? More Like Jackass of the Year!

Unless you have been living under a rock these past couple of days, you already know about ESPN's drunken sorority girl Dana Jacobson's verbal spat at the Mike & Mike roast in Atlantic City. If you haven't heard what she said, here's a snippet of her drunken drivel:

"f... Notre dame"
"f....touchdown Jesus"
and - the step-aside-because-lightning-is-about-to-strike... "f.... Jesus."

Jacobson made an absolute fool of herself, swilling vodka from a Belvedere bottle, mumbling along and cursing like a sailor as Mike & Mike rested their heads in their hands in embarrassment. [Comedian Eddie] Griffin came to the podium to defend her after she was booed by the crowd. Ross eventually had to pull her off stage, too

Deadspin goes on to note that supposedly a long letter of apology to Coach 3-9 has been dispatched.

I'm not sure what religious affiliation Jacobson belongs to, and quite frankly, I don't care either. What chaps my ass is the fact that ESPN once again is sweeping this garbage under the rug. I understand her hatred towards Notre Dame, since she is a Meechigan grad, but come one, hating on JC? That's totally uncalled for. If ESPN had any class whatsoever, they would address this and make Jacobson appologize on national television. But we are dealing with classless, anti-Notre Dame folks.

An elder statesmen approached me on this issue and said that the University should boycott ESPN. He went on to say F...ESPN! If they want to report on any games, tough, the University should deny them their credentials. If they want to cover basketball games, F...Len Elmore too! His goofy urkel-ass is awful covering college hoops anyway.

I, for one, suggest Irish fans alike to email the fine folks at ESPN and let them know your feelings on this issue. Better yet, why not email Jacobson's show First Take. I bet they would love to know about your feels towards her demeanor outside the studio. For you folks that are wanting to email, here's the address:

F... Notre Dame? No, Dana, F... You! Also F... your crazy ass horse smile too! Hello, WILBUR!!!!! Well not only for the company that she works for, but for those stupid comments, Dana Jacobson, you are the JACKASS of the WEEK! HEE-HAW, HEE-HAW!