Wednesday, August 8, 2012

For the Tarnished Heisman Doubters

Don Yeager is definitely not a liked man amongst the Irish faithful. I, for one, used his book as a leveler to even out my desk at home. That's how much I thought of his Under The Tarnished Dome. Now, Don is trying to re-invent himself with his soon-to-be released Tarnished Heisman.

I know there are skeptics out there that think, what is so different about this book, this time around? Well for starters, Don is not the only person who wrote and investigated for this book. Several people had a hand in it, and there is well documented PROOF. Yes, PROOF, that Don Yeager actually has a book that is not speculation or fabrication of the truth.

If you click on the title of this piece, you'll find documents that Yahoo! Sports attained during its investigation of Reggie Bush and his family for alleged improper benefits from New Era Sports & Entertainment, which was used as evidence for Yeager's book.

Way to go, DON! You might not be that big of a jackass, after all. Wait a minute, you're still half a jackass!


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