Sunday, April 1, 2012

Knox, Knox, Knoxing, on Milton's Door

Just like the pollsters anxiously waiting for their results on Super Tuesday, Notre Dame is patiently waiting for California kid, Milton Knox to declare his decision. It's down to UCLA and Notre Dame on a FSN West telecast, 7 pm South Bend time. Whatever the case may be, Knox has had a tough decision since his visit this past weekend at Notre Dame.

"I didn't think it was going to be like that," Knox said Monday night of his trip to Notre Dame. "Just the people, they were so nice. I got a tour of the campus, they took me in the locker room and all the greats that played there, and they have the jerseys. I got to touch the `Play like champions' sign and went out on the field. It was a really good experience."
"It gave me a lot to think about."

Currently, Knox is on a school field trip, and then off to the FOX studios for his announcement. Supposedly he made up his mind this morning, according to several published reports from California outlets. Trying to get a hint of which it might be, Knox's High School Coach, Ed Croson, didn't know either, except that this will be one of the hardest decisions of this young man's life.

"He's so impressed by both schools that it's hard to pick them apart right now, in this time frame," Croson said.

"I think the big thing, right now, is `Do I want to stay home, because I love my family? Or do I want to go off on my own? Get away from home for college?' He's really struggling with it.”

The clock is a-ticking, and Irish fans alike are waiting. Is it UCLA or Notre Dame? Whatever the case may be, Irish eyes are a smilin!

Editor's Note: Milton, if you are reading this, we welcome you to Notre Dame with open arms! The Notre Dame family will always be there for you no matter what! Go Irish! ~WeisGipper

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