Friday, July 6, 2012

To Cheat or Not To Cheat, is that the Question?

Spygate is just not going to go away anytime soon, as long as, Senator Arlen Specter has anything to say about it. After the latest in the he said/he said, more and more is coming out about Notre Dame Head Coach Charlie Weis' role in the whole scandal.

In a recent article it states,
"An offensive player would memorize the signals, watch for them on the sideline and pass them on to assistant coach Charlie Weis, who would then inform quarterback Tom Brady."

So far no word has come out of university on Weis' implications to situation. Whether this is true or not, I have a few issues regarding this whole spgygate:

1.) Why now? If Matt Walsh had all this information why did he decide to unveil this during the time he did? Why did he keep all these tapes? Walsh's answer was that he was using that for his resume. Okay, I'm not buying that one bit. You mean to tell me, hey here's some of my work that I did for the Patriots. It's me filming signals from the opposing team. Yeah, that I don't understand either.

2.) Cheating, everyone does it, and just not in football either! I don't believe for one second that the Patriots are the only team in the National Football League to do this. How about stealing signs in baseball? I don't see anyone getting all in an uproar about that, do we? We don't see Arlen Specter sticking his nose in that situation because his home state teams (Phillies and Pirates) suck!

3.) Why does it matter to Notre Dame? Seriously, does it really? All we do know is that ND's offense the first two seasons under Weis was amazing. What he did with a team that didn't do much whatsoever under Willingham were setting school records left and right. So saying that Weis got the Notre Dame job because he benefited from cheating is pure and utter bullshit! Obviously he has some offensive play calling skills to produce those numbers with that "lack of" talent all the media said the Irish had during his first two seasons in South Bend.

And we won't rehash last season, because that too was pure and utter bullshit!

In the end, what spygate really is, is one old bag of wind trying to get his last 15 seconds of fame in trying to bring down the best sports franchise in the world. When it is all said and done, Bill Belichick will get some type of suspension, Matt Walsh will look like Brian McNamee (Roger Clemens BFF), and Weis will be part one of the best turnarounds in college football!

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