Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Postponing the Inevitable

Ty Losingham's future at Washington has been put on hold for right now. Since the Huskies arrived in Seattle late Monday, the scheduled press conference has been postponed.

According to the Seattle Times, "Speculation has surrounded Willingham since the Huskies fell to 4-9, dropping his three-year record to 11-25. The Huskies usually hold one on the Monday after the season ends that is just with the coach to discuss the season and look ahead --- and one has been held every year that I can recall except 2004 when Keith Gilbertson had already been fired. A spokesman from the U-Dub Athletic Department said it is being postponed for a day or two because Willingham simply doesn't have the time to do it tomorrow". Sounds eerily strange to me.

I'll try not to look into it that much, but it does make you wonder what the heck is going on in Seattle. Rumblings about Jim Mora, Jr. also have surfaced that he has been on campus talking to the higher ups.

More information to come shortly!

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