Wednesday, June 8, 2011

You're Making Your Bed......

The University of Washington had a 11th hour change of heart when it came to Ty Losingham. During the end of the year press conference, UW president, Mark Emmert, announced Willingham will be on as the Husky coach, despite speculation that he considered whether to fire Willingham.

Emmert was quoted saying, "I believe Tyrone Willingham has the talent, character and drive to reach the level of success we all want for our football program," Emmert said in a statement. "He and I have discussed the need to evaluate all aspects of the program, determine what changes need to be made to strengthen it, and set in motion those changes to point the program in the right direction." If a 11-25 record gives you belief that he is succeeding, than more power to you guys!

Here is what I believe happened the last few days for Willingham to keep his job. Emmert and Washington AD sit down with Willingham to hammer out some specifics for him to do or he is bye, bye: 1) Fire some assistant coaches (deja vu? Guess who is considered to be out the door? I'll give you on guess....KENT BAER!); 2) Have a winning record and get to a bowl game; 3) Both the administration and Ty knew what type of ramifications would happen if he does get canned (over $3 million shelled to him by UW and ND); and 4) Win the Apple Cup or a meaningful game (USC or Notre Dame). Good luck with that Washington, because you'll need it. I don't care if you have a multi-talented quarterback in Jake Lockert. Ty had a great one in Brady Quinn and look what he did with him. Better yet, look what he did with Jeff Samardzija.

Willingham is the first Huskies coach with three consecutive losing seasons. How Ty is keeping his job is beyond me. He cannot coach a lick and his loyalty to his crappy staff is sickening.

Ty declined to talk with reporters after a Tuesday night team meeting, and never wavered from the belief he would return for his fourth season.

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