Friday, June 3, 2011

Irish Duo Make the Super Bowl (Sort Of)

Tom Zbikowski and Jeff Samardzija will be teaming up one more time, and this time it's during the Super Bowl. While Justin Tuck and Jerome Collins will be actually playing for a Super Bowl ring for the New York Giants, Zibby and the Shark will be making their television debut during a 60 second Under Armour commerical.

The Notre Dame duo are two of 27 athletes featured in an ad for Under Armour's The New Prototype performance footwear. The one-minute spot will run during the first quarter of the Super Bowl. Zbikowski will be easily recognized as he will be sporting a Mohawk hairdo.
"Zbikowski, with that Mohawk, definitely jumps out at you," said Steve Battista, vice president of marketing for Under Armour. "It's hard to believe he came to the set with a full head of hair.

Zbikowski, after a strong performance at the Senior Bowl, is gearing up for next month's NFL Draft Combine in Indianapolis, while Samardzija is in Arizona getting ready for the upcoming baseball season. Here's a little blurb from Jeff's blog today (1/29/08):

Well I am finally out here in AZ doing my thing and getting ready. Can't beat this beautiful weather. One of these days I'm going to hit up the links and see how the game has held up over the winter. It'll probably be a little ugly...

This will definitely be a Super Sunday for Irish fans! CLICK-CLACK

Besides Collins and Tuck, Marcus Freeman (practice squad) is on the Giants roster, and Mike Richardson (injured reserve) is on New England's.

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