Saturday, May 5, 2012

Detox kits or Are You Smarter Than an NFL Draftee?

Since the NFL Draft is a little over 24 hours away, I overlooked something when I wrote about Notre Dame's four draftee candidates, the WONDERLIC Test! Ah yes, the NFL's version of 2+2. So  detox who did the Irish fare on the drug test?
How to pass drug test? John Carlson led the bunch with a score of 40, while John Sullivan had a 35, Trevor Laws 30, and Tom Zbikowski 29. Other notables of interest: Chad Henne 22, John David Booty 14, Jonathan Stewart 20, Rashard Mendenhall 23, Felix Jones 22, Vernon Gholston 21, Sedrick Ellis 15, and the kicker was Mario Manningham's results.

Before I give you Manningham's score, here's a little information about this IQ Test.
Charlie Wonderlic Jr., president of Wonderlic Inc., says, "A score of 10 is literacy, that's about all we can say."

Mario Manningham, a 6!!!! Yikes. It's evident of Michigan's "high" academic standards, and more proof of Stanford Cardinal Cocah Jim Harbaugh's theory. I guess the Wolverines with their new coach Dick Rod still have their "family values". Oh wait.....

Now if they can just get a quarterback and a coach who has a backup plan when a premadonna high school kid dumps him for the other "classy" institution in the Big 11!

I remember thc detox from kit folks making fun of Heisman Trophy winner not knowing the word "restitution". Manninghan can't even read the word. How does that happen at the "Harvard of the West?"

I don't see Mario being asked to a contestant on Wheel of Fortune for NFL Week! Hey Mario if the NFL doesn't work out for ya, I sure bet Jeff Foxworthy would love to have you as one of his students on "Are You Smarter Than A Michigan Football Player or thc detox kit's?"

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