Monday, July 4, 2011

Jacobson Apologist Replies

Dana Jacobson apologist and non-Jesus follower, Paddyman, has been very busy justifying Mr. Ed's comments. Basically Paddy insists that this has been way overblown and that Ms. Jacobson should get a pass. He doesn't feel that anything bad was said because it was a roast, a PRIVATE FUNCTION. Paddy also goes on to state that if this was about Allah, nothing would have been said. Okay, hold up!

First off, when you spout off about religion, yet alone, Jesus Christ, you are crossing the line.

Secondly, a roast is suppose to be funny with humorous jabs. This was a roast that was for Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic. I don't recall that Jesus or Allah or any other religious figure was the object of the roast.

When there were points expressed about how Don Imus and Rush Limbaugh were fired for their comments about the Rutgers women's basketball team and Donovan McNabb, Paddy questioned the validity of Limbaugh's employment with ESPN.

The poor soul, needs to check his facts. Limbaugh was a regular for ESPN's Sunday NFL Countdown show: I find it funny how ESPN fires Limbaugh for his comments about McNabb getting preferential treatment because he's an African-American quarterback, but only gives Jacobson a week off of work for saying F#$% Jesus. Something is not right there.

Oh well, I guess some folks still don't get it. It's like beating a dead Dana Jacobson, err, I mean horse! I guess we already have one nomination for next week's Jackass of the Week. Here's a heartfelt HEE-HAW, HEE-HAW, to you Paddyman! The short bus is calling ya.

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