Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What Grinds My Gears

Even though this is Friday, I had some time to stew over a few things that really got under my skin lately. If any of my loyal readers are from the South Bend area and listen to sports talk radio, you should be familiar with WSBT Radio 960 AM's Weekday Sportsbeat with hosts Rick Carter and Darin Prichett that runs daily from 5:30-7:00. Wednesday's episode really got me fired up after the whole Omar Hunter decommitment. Both Rick and Darin were piping their two cents in about how Notre Dame shouldn't complain about this Hunter decommitment because the Irish did the same with verbal commits Jonas Gray and Trevor Robinson from Nebraska. If you are interested in hearing this past Wednesday's Weekday Sportsbeat, click on the title.

All of WSBT (radio and television), as well as, the South Bend Tribune are owned by the same company. I'm not sure about you, but everything they have been putting out about Notre Dame football since this summer has been garbage. Yes, I know our beloved Irish had a shitty year, and want to put the blame on someone, but WSBT definitely has put a vendetta on Weis and Co. For instance, columnist Jeff Carroll gets a major chubby anytime he gets a chance to poke a jab at Charlie, even it if is a somewhat positive article. And then both Darin and Rick can't make up their minds about the football team or Coach Weis. One day, he's the best recruiter, the next he should be fired. I understand fully about making money and trying to lure listeners to your show, but after a while it gets old. Especially Darin's grasp, or lackthereof, the English language. Anyone that has listened to him on radio will agree, that he does not use proper grammar. But that's beside the point.

Anyway, I felt I would pay homage to Peter Griffin of Fox's Family Guy, and give my take on What Grinds My Gears.

You know what grinds my gears..............

1.) People chastisizing Notre Dame for so-called poaching other school's verbal commitments. First off, Notre Dame did not steal Jonas Gray and Trevor Robinson from the Cornhuskers. Once word was out that Bill Callahan was not going to be Nebraska's head coach, Notre Dame pursued them hard. Heck even in the summer, Robinson wasn't sure about what school he wanted to join.

2.) Sneaky Verbal Commits that are not truthful and get caught in the act. Omar Hunter's explanation about decommiting from the Irish was complete and utter bullshit. Saying that he likes the coaches, but is not sure about them is fine, I guess. But saying that his style of play does not mesh with Notre Dame's, is ridiculous. He knew from day one that ND was playing a 3-4. If he's a little slow on the uptake, fine, but the boy is not retarded. Secondly, he says he wants to play closer to home, so his family can go and see. I totally understand that. But having USC in the mix does not make sense whatsoever! And last, but not least, Omar got caught about being a silent verbal to Florida. Once Charlie heard that, he took away Hunter's offer, and the marriage between the two was null and void. I say good for Charlie to sticking to his guns. He made it clear to all of these young men that if you're looking, we're looking. Weis gave Omar every opportunity to make it right, but in the end, Hunter is not or will never will be a Notre Dame man, period.

Omar I hope you enjoy being in the company with Urban Liar. Just ask Justin Trattou what he promised him. Trattou dumped us because of the 3-4, and was told that he would be playing as a stand up end, not on the line as a tackle. Well surprise, surprise, guess what Justin is playing?? Have fun with that Omar, you and Urban are made for each other.

3.) Coaches who get outcoached in a bowl game, where they're heavily favored and lose, and then throw his team under the bus! Urban Meyer's postgame comments after his Gator's loss to Michigan were priceless. If he feels this way about his players, what are future recruits and players going to feel about him? If I was a parent of a prospective recruit, I would be leery of sending him to Gainsville and having Meyer take care of my kid.

4.) Former AAU coaches that think they can do a better job than Mike Brey. I'm not going to officially call this person out (Georgia Irish), but this dumbass thinks he knows everything about Notre Dame basketball. All he does is bitch and complain and his only backup to anything, when you rebuttal is ND's out of conference wins that he has recorded. Well I hate to break it to him, but the vast majority of Division I basketball plays pasties. So for every Long Island and North Florida victory, Brey has recorded a win over such opponents like Maryland, Texas, Illinois, to name a few. Mark, get off your high horse. Brey is the only coach in ND history to have taken his squad to the NCAA tournament in his first three seasons, which included a trip to the Sweet 16, a Big East West Division Championship, and some Big East Tournament wins. Yes, they might not be significant, but being a student in the MacLeod days, will make this look huge. Anyway, brighter days are definitely ahead for Brey's boys!

5.) That old fart in section 10 that said Notre Dame was lucky last night in beating West Virginia. If it wasn't for the company that was sitting with me at the game, Old Man River was going to get it. I'm not sure what game he was watching, but ND only trailed once in the game (at the early part of the first half, 12-11), and lead throughout the rest of the way. In the second half, Notre Dame led under double digits, roughly around 4 minutes and 32 seconds. The Irish also held the Mountaineers to a season low in points (56), which was well under their average.

6.) So-called Hoops fans that complain, but yet, don't show up to the games. Hey folks, this isn't Burger King. You can't have it your way. Either you put up or shut up. Support the team and put your fanny in the seats. This groups is very exciting to watch, and will do very well come March!

PHEW!!!!!!! Enough of my ranting and raving. Have a wonderful TGIF!

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