Monday, April 4, 2011

You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?

Delusional, punk ass, wannabe quarterbacks, that won't let it go! Yes, I'm taking about Demetrius Jones. The same one that walked out on his teammates before the Michigan game, only to be seen hours later in the stands at DeKalb, Illinois, for a Northern Illinois Huskie football game. Jones is definitely a TEAM PLAYER!

In his latest installment, Jones says that he had nothing but the utmost respect for Notre Dame and Coach Weis, “We’re still cool,” Jones said Tuesday on the first day of spring practice at the University of Cincinnati. “It’s just a business. I don’t take it personal. I never bash him. He’s still a great coach and he’s still a great person. It’s just like having a real good girl friend. You have one and now you’re with another. That’s the way you have to look at it.”

Well Demetrius must have split personalities or something because his rosy outlook turns a 180 and he shows his true colors.
“I’m not stupid,” Jones said. “I’ve never seen a quarterback lose a position in a quarter. It don’t take me much to read between the lines to see that that was (Clausen’s) position even before he came there and I was just in an unfortunate situation. As a man, I’m able to look clear cut at that. That was basically the plan, for that to be his position.”

I hate to break it to you Demetrius, but a MAN would have let this go a long time ago and move one with his life! Also, real men don't make excuses. So after his first go around with the Bearcats during spring ball, Jones gave his excuse of why he wasn't successful at Notre Dame. He had a shoulder problem that turned out to be a torn labrum.
Jones knew it, too. In fact, he had struggled with pain his right shoulder during his entire two years at Notre Dame.

“I didn’t play in the 2006 (U.S. Army All-American Bowl) because this injury happened during my senior season,” he said. “The whole time I was there it was diagnosed as tendonitis, so I knew I had the problem.”

Here's some concerning questions ND fans have to ask themselves: 1) why didn't Demetrius say something from the get-go when this happened in HS? I could be mistaken (which I'm not on this), but wasn't Jones in South Bend for an entire year watching Brady Quinn's senior season on the sidelines? You mean he couldn't tell the team physicians about his "severe" shoulder pain? Obviously it wasn't bad enough because I'll bring up my second point;

2) ND's team physicians, most of them working for South Bend Orthopedics (SBO), are some of the best doctors around. No friggin' way are they going to misdiagnose this as tendonitis. In my time of following Notre Dame Football, I have never once heard of the Irish's team physicians ever misdiagnosing an injury. Something doesn't add up, and here's the 411 on this issue.

You're probably asking yourself how I know. It's called intramural basketball! A little birdy (a certain Director of Intramurals and Club Sports at Notre Dame)told me that one night last summer, that Mr. Jones was playing a pick-up game where he was undercut and fell hard to the floor on his shoulder. Emergency folks were called in to take a look at Demetrius, and that is that!

So now, everything is fine and dandy in Jones' make believe world.
“Everything worked out for the good,” Jones said, “because if I never would have transferred I probably would have kept thinking it was tendonitis, taking pills and getting treatments for it. I never would have been able to find out.”

Jones says he has no regrets about leaving Notre Dame the way he did.

“People call it immature or walking out on your team,” Jones said. “But if I didn’t leave we wouldn’t be having this conversation and I wouldn’t have my shoulder fixed. It was just a situation I had to get out for the benefit of my future.

“In college football, only one guy can play. If it’s not in the coach’s plan to have you as the starter, if he just wants to use you to build somebody else, that’s just not a good situation.”

You know what I call it? Sour grapes! The kid had an ego the size of Texas. He was all about himself and never thought about his TEAM or SCHOOL! Good luck Brian Kelly and the rest of the University of Cincinnati community, you don't have a clue of what type of person you have in Demetrius Jones.

Character is everything, and you, Demetrius Jones, have none whatsoever!

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