Monday, March 7, 2011

Jackasses of the Week

I know I usually don't write anything about professional sports on here, but I felt compelled to vent about what took place last weekend in Indianapolis and what has transpired this week out of Green Bay. For these actions, I have dubbed the following my Jackasses of the Week:

1.) Philip Rivers. Not only did I not like you when you beat the Irish in the Gator Bowl with North Carolina State, but I really loathe you for your "Tough Guy" antics this season. Why does he pick fights with opposing fans? Last Sunday watching the Colts-Chargers game, I really didn't care who won. Well actually I didn't mind seeing San Diego win, because my best friend is a Colts fan and they beat my beloved Bears last year. Anyway, after Peyton Manning and the Colts turned the ball over on downs at the end of the game, I saw where Philip was jawing with several Colts fans. Dude, act like you've been there before. No reason to be a little bitch!

Winners walk the walk, and you sir, are not a winner. HEE-HAW, HEE-HAW!

2.) Fox 11, WLUK-TV (Green Bay). It has come to my attention that Green Bay's local Fox affiliate, WLUK, Channel 11, will not be airing the popular Seinfeld episodes on Saturday. You might be asking yourself, why is that jackass worthy? Well, Weisgipp, is going to tell you why. I guess it has become popular knowledge that New York Giants QB, Eli Manning's favorite show is indeed Seinfeld. Since the Giants and Packers don't play till Sunday, and New York will be having some down time in their hotel, Channel 11 felt it would be an advantage to not air the regularly schedule Seinfeld episodes on Saturday.

Ok, I understand the psychological warfare they are imposing on young Eli, but do you really think that is going to stop him from seeing Seinfeld? Hello, TBS, cable television? Wow, Fox 11, you really got Eli, didn't you? YADA, YADA, YADA! HEE-HAW, HEE-HAW!

3.) Colts Fans. Karma's a bitch, isn't it? If we rewind the Colts-Chargers game at the half, you'll notice the winners of the annual Punt, Pass, Kick competition were announced on CBS. Each winner is represented by a certain NFL team. Well when it came down to announce the 14-15 year old winners, I was shocked. Anna Grant of New Hampshire was booed in front of a national television audience. Why was she booed? Well it was because she was wearing a New England Patriots jersey. Yes, I know that you hate the Patriots, but DAMN, show some class. You fans are giving the rest of the Hoosier state a bad name.

Maybe Philip Rivers was shouting to the Colt's fans to pick on somebody their own size. I guess what comes around goes around! HEE-HAW, HEE, HAW!

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