Sunday, February 6, 2011

More Possible Changes Within the ND Athletic Department

Before I get into the other possible wholesale changes in the landscape of Notre Dame Athletics, here's another interesting tidbit of information that was relayed to me from a certain football PA Announcer.

At the end of the season Coach Weis will step down and resign his post of Head Coach of the Fighting Irish, but....will remain with the squad as recruiting coordinator. As strange and bizarre as that sounds, it seems quite possible on several fronts.

(A) Weis has been an excellent recuriter of talent, which has been evident of his tenure as coach. Granted, he has done well in developing the talent, he does have an eye for it.

(B) He will also want to stay around and see the Hannah & Friends flourish. Makes a lot of sense since it is located here in the area, after putting millions of dollars into that project.

So it is still quite possible we could still see Charlie Weis next season on the Notre Dame sidelines, but not as the Irish Head Coach.

With all these decisions to be made, the man behind the moves, Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick, might also be on his way out. Ever since the passing of NCAA President Myles Brand, Swarbrick has been in constant contact with the Indianapolis headquarters and has put his name in the hat for possible replacement.

After contacting several former ND alums within the NCAA Headquarters, it has been confirmed that Swarbrick will be interviewing next week for the job. It's also been mentioned that Jack is waffling on his decision process of Weis and possible successor. Sounds quite convienent since the regular season will be finished a week from tomorrow, and he told ESPN that he won't make a decision till a week after the season.

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