Monday, January 10, 2011

Aztec Curse To Help Irish in 08?

Call it what you want, but San Diego State's football team has been casting a spell over their BCS power conference opponents the past couple of seasons. Whether the opponent had a rather successful year or a dismal season like the Fighting Irish, the end results for that season when facing the Aztecs has become astounding. If the trend continues, Notre Dame could be in for one heck of a turnaround season.

Since 2005, San Diego State has faced six teams from the major BCS conferences (Ohio State, UCLA, Wisconsin, Washington State, Arizona State, and Cincinnati). With the exception of Washington State, due to several key injuries, all the teams bettered their previous season's record.

UCLA (10-2): 6-6 in 2004
Ohio State (10-2): 8-4 in 2004

Wisconsin (12-1): 10-3 in 2005

Washington State (5-7): 6-6 in 2006
Arizona State (10-3): 7-6 in 2006
Cincinnati (10-3): 8-5 in 2006

That's a +2 game turnaround average from the previous season! And with the season Notre Dame had in 2007, we could possibly see the good fortunes of an Aztec spell of at least +5 game turnaround.

Another positive in facing San Diego State is that the Aztecs have had a hard time stopping the run. With the likes of Robert Hughes, Armando Allen, James Aldridge, and Company leading the charge, Notre Dame could be in for one of their highest rushing totals in the Charlie Weis era. In the three previous seasons, SDSU has given up an average of 228 yards on the ground to BCS power conference schools. Last season they gave up 287 yards rushing to Cincinnati!

It doesn't get better through the air either, as SDSU gave up an average of 233 yards to those six opponents. This could be a game where Jimmy Clausen can hang up some Brady-esque like numbers.

On average the Aztecs are giving up 36 points to their opponents, while only scoring less than two touchdowns (13.0) per contest.

Curse or no curse, Notre Dame has luck on their side; not to mention a little redemption for all the naysayer’s too!

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