Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tis The Season of Charlie Tuna

As I do almost every morning, I run on campus for a good hour before I start the work day. Since I practically live a hop, skip, and a jump from the Dome, I ran by the Gug this morning to see how big of a line Coach Weis' first annual Christmas signing went.

For those who didn't know, Coach Weis sent an email to Notre Dame, Saint Mary’s and Holy Cross Students, Faculty and Staff that he would sign autographs at 8 a.m. Friday morning in the Guglielmino Auditorium.

Here's what Coach Weis sent:
“There have been numerous inquiries regarding whether I’d be available to sign potential Christmas gifts for people this year,” said Weis. “As opposed to having people try to catch me early in the morning or late in the evening outside the Gug, I thought it would be best to set up an organized signing period. Therefore, I’ll get off the road from recruiting Thursday night and will sign for everyone who shows up Friday morning.”

I don't think a 3-9 season put a dampen on the Irish faithful, as there was a good line waiting outside the Gug at 7:30. So much for all folks saying that Weis is a scrooge or anything like his mentors, Bill Parcells (Tuna) or Bill Bill Belichick.

For my family members who are reading this, the answer is yes, I did see you know who waiting in line to get something autographed. I wonder who the lucky two people are? It will definitely be a Merry Christmas for those two for sure!

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